MA PETITE PLAGE dress mediterranean blue

MA PETITE PLAGE dress mediterranean blue

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€175.00 EUR

Tunic dress with 3/4 flared sleeves, djellaba inspiration. Straight shape, knee length. No closure system, just put on. To wear on all occasions, to be chic at home, at home in cocooning mode at the riad in Marrakech to have breakfast on the terrace.

To wear for a dinner, an evening, Christmas Eve with the family, the evening of the 31st accessorized with a wide belt at the hips, a pretty baroque pendant, a colorful scarf...

And if you are going to the sun for the holidays, it is very pleasant and light to have a drink at the hut or at the hotel bar at the end of the day.


Terry Velor Jersey

-80% Cotton 

-20% Polyamide