A poetical fish

Hermetic yet deep and introspected thoughts pass through the mind of Italian artist Vitaliano. A misleading long beard might suggest he likes to be a ‘public character’ most remarkable for his appearance than for his actual work, but this is not the case for the artist who paints ‘per curarsi la vita’ (to look after his life).

The beard is a souvenir from India, and it cannot be removed; it is always with him, similarly to a Japanese haiku about spring that he decides to share with me. Few words are enough to describe everything.

Expectation, migration and memory are the essentials for Vitaliano: a creative soul knows how to wait, constantly moves to not die, and works for the posterity, to leave a trace.

Whereas it is imperative to find the essence of art and to focus on meaning, the artist has to appear as a normal person, but with the explosive power inside to say something really impressive.

And art could, should be the fruit of a fusion between individuals, as demonstrates the work in progress with a friend designer. The subject of exploration is a fish and the aim is to create a piece of art filling a wooden mould with colour.

The delighted rebellion against conventional painting methods has had already made Spanish Surrealist Joan Miro creating The Singing Fish; but Vitaliano’ s fish goes even further, becoming emblematic of his art. Freedom of expression, a desire of experimentation and creation of sound are the possibilities that the artist deliberately leaves open, floating into the sea of art, as a fish.

The choice of rejecting mainstream public allows him to continue the creative research, without being imprisoned into the mechanisms of the art market. Eventually, as the great artists from the past, from Modigliani to Bacon who had no other ways to convince but their talent, Vitaliano’s strength is in his paintings.

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